Balloons and the environment


Used and disposed of correctly, balloons pose very little threat to the environment. It is when they are used irresponsibly that they become a danger. This is mostly when releasing them. It is well documented that wildlife comes under threat from partially inflated balloons that can be swallowed by animals and from balloon ribbon in which birds and other creatures can become entangled. Foil balloons can also cause problems when they get caught on power lines.

Here at Airlegance we take our responsibility to wildlife and the environment very seriously which is why we support the Green Balloon Campaign and the European Balloon & Party Council’s code of best practice to encourage our customers to use their balloons safely and responsibly. We will never release foil balloons or balloon ribbon into the atmosphere and the latex balloons we use are professional quality and are 100% biodegradable (at approximately the same rate as an oak leaf depending on the level of exposure to the elements). We ensure that all of our balloon releases are carried out using fully inflated latex balloons allowing them to reach the height needed for them to shatter into tiny fragments (approximately 5 miles).

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Balloons and the helium shortage

Unfortunately there is a world helium shortage. This has in recent years meant that the price of this precious gas has been driven up. The professional balloon industry is taking the shortage seriously and doing what it can to minimize its use of helium. The helium that is used by balloon professionals, however is unique to our industry. It is only 98% pure and is mainly recycled from the medical grade helium which needs a purity percentage of 99.997%. Of all the industries using helium, the balloon industry’s usage accounts for around 5-7% of the world’s total.

Airlegance Balloons is playing its part by encouraging our customers to select more air-filled designs and, where increased float time is not necessary, filling large floating balloons with a mixture of helium and air (we will always discuss your required float time with you). In addition we use only professional grade balloons to minimize popping and waste.

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